Vyktory prepares for growth as King asks for citizens.

With the current state of the Commonwealth being a state of desolation, depopulation, and disrepair, King James I is correct about being worried about the future state of the nation, especially after his own inactivity, procrastination and general laziness has placed the nation in such a state.

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Yet another quiet spell annoys King

His Royal Majesty James I is said to be annoyed at the current state of affairs in Vyktory after activity slumped yet again in a seemingly self-perpetuating spiral of inactivity. While not enough to wipe Vyktory off the MCS map, it is worrisome that the only activity that happens inside national borders seems to be sports, while the Discord chat for the nation is also a ghost town.

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A new newspaper rises from the ashes

After the demise of the Vyktory Free Press in December of 2015, Vyktory has been without a reliable news source. Part of this was caused by procrastination and laziness of the account of the VFP’s owner, His Royal Majesty the King James I, but also due to apathy from not only Vyktory’s populace, but also the populace of other nations associated with the world of Micras. After our quiet exit from MicroWiki, Micras has been the only port of call for the Vyktoryans, yet our association with most nations is sorely lacking, mainly due to a lack three things. Information, news and above all, roleplay.

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