Vyktory prepares for growth as King asks for citizens.

With the current state of the Commonwealth being a state of desolation, depopulation, and disrepair, King James I is correct about being worried about the future state of the nation, especially after his own inactivity, procrastination and general laziness has placed the nation in such a state.

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National Assembly passes International Relations Act.

After a short session in the National Assembly in which the International Relations Act, 2016 was to be debated and voted on, debate mainly consisted of the far-right nationalist party Victoria Invicta attempting to add more punitive requirements to the bill, which extends recognition to all MCS member-states present and future automatically. Victoria Invicta’s only victory was to create an article disallowing recognition of states who have made severe aggressions towards the majority of MCS member-states or towards Vyktory.

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