Vyktory prepares for growth as King asks for citizens.

With the current state of the Commonwealth being a state of desolation, depopulation, and disrepair, King James I is correct about being worried about the future state of the nation, especially after his own inactivity, procrastination and general laziness has placed the nation in such a state.

His Majesty, while stopping short of making a concrete plan has decided to attempt to recruit more citizens, create more activity and work on a robust economic and political simulation to entice people to join the nation. Vyktory’s recent application to join the newly founded Micronational Economic Group is a key tenet of this new simulation, with the King planning to use the Group’s online portal to start at least the economic side of the simulation.

The political simulation will run on a macro level, with each person running their own party and attempting to gain seats in the national parliament. His Majesty will be making full use of the seat calculator that CJ Miller of Safiria created back in April along with the new logos for Vyktory Dragons, the Vyktoryan FA and the Vyktoryan Football League, which cost a total of US$20.

Only time will tell if this will restore the nation, or place it further into disrepair, but for now, His Majesty remains dedicated to the cause.


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