Yet another quiet spell annoys King

His Royal Majesty James I is said to be annoyed at the current state of affairs in Vyktory after activity slumped yet again in a seemingly self-perpetuating spiral of inactivity. While not enough to wipe Vyktory off the MCS map, it is worrisome that the only activity that happens inside national borders seems to be sports, while the Discord chat for the nation is also a ghost town.

His Majesty has also been inactive in the Hoennese Realm, a nation he founded with CJ Miller of Safiria, which also worries him. His Majesty is indeed on vacation, but has full internet access and as much time as he wishes to work on things, but instead chooses to procrastinate and muck around, which he is not happy with himself.

His Majesty has said on the record that if Vyktory and Hoenn wish to become respected nations, he will have to knuckle down and get stuff done ASAP. Only time will tell if this will happen.

In other news, the national squad for the 2016 CiboTap Championships has been announced. The tournament is to be held between July 9th and July 23rd.


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