Vyktory qualify for CiboTap 2016

N.B: The match was played on May 4th, but the results were not posted until May 9th, thus the delay in the writing of this post.

After a 2-1 home victory against Steeria and Highfield, Vyktory secured their place in the CTFA’s continental tournament known as the CiboTap, which will be held in the middle of the year in Calbion.

After the final whistle blew, 500 lucky fans were allowed onto the pitch at Vyktory National Football Stadium in Jamestown to celebrate, while qualification parties were held at bars, pubs and nightclubs across the nation.

Vyktory’s qualification was the first qualification for a major international tournament in the nation’s history, narrowly missing out on the World Cup in Craitland last year after a 3-3 aggregate away goal loss to Flanders after an 89th minute screamer at home brought Flanders ahead, which spurred the spread of the “Screw Flanders” meme inside Vyktory.

His Royal Majesty James I was quoted by the media as being incredibly excited and proud of the nation and the team, as well as the footballing culture and skill that Vyktory was showing.

The matches Vyktory faced to qualify are listed below.

  1. Mancunia 0-1 Vyktory
  2. Vyktory 3-0 Nolland
  3. Steeria and Highfield 1-2 Vyktory
  4. Vyktory 4-0 Centralya
  5. Vyktory 1-1 Mancunia
  6. Nolland 1-3 Vyktory
  7. Vyktory 2-1 Steeria and Highfield

With just one match left to play, all eyes are on the Vyktoryan territory of Mancunia, who are just a single point above the fellow Galatians in Nolland, with Mancunia having a game in hand over Nolland ahead of the match between the two teams on May 18th.

Also qualifying for the CiboTap from their groups is Natopia from Group A and Zandarijn from Group D.


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