National Assembly passes International Relations Act.

After a short session in the National Assembly in which the International Relations Act, 2016 was to be debated and voted on, debate mainly consisted of the far-right nationalist party Victoria Invicta attempting to add more punitive requirements to the bill, which extends recognition to all MCS member-states present and future automatically. Victoria Invicta’s only victory was to create an article disallowing recognition of states who have made severe aggressions towards the majority of MCS member-states or towards Vyktory.

Also included towards Victoria Invicta’s platform was an article allowing for any nation with positive relations to have relations cancelled after severe aggressions are made towards Vyktory. The original term was two months of cooldown to allow for an apology and a reasonable explaination to be accepted to stop a cancellation, however VI wanted to lower that to one week.

It was only lowered to a month before both sides of the chamber asked for a vote, getting tired of Victoria Invicta’s editing of a bill which was expected to pass bilaterally. It eventually passed 181-19 with no abstensions. All 19 nay votes were from the 19 MPs of Victoria Invicta. The Conservative Coalition and the socialist Red Banner Union both passed the bills unanimously.

The bill has been hailed as a new opportunity for Vyktory to extend its international diplomatic reach, after the fall of Safiria, Vyktory has been left with no staunch allies like Safiria was. Vyktory has been hoping to extend relations with Hamland and Natopia, but nothing has eventuated due to procrastination.

His Royal Majesty James I signed off on the bill at 9:33pm on April 27th 2016. The bill can be read on the Vyktoryan forums.


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