VFA and VFL announce new logos for 2016-17 season

Editor’s Note: This article is an edited and expanded version of an article on the Vyktoryan Forum available here.

As part of the league expansion announced for the 2016-17 season in December, the Vyktoryan Football Association has been seeking to re-brand itself as the football governing body prepares to enter a new era, one in which Vyktory will hope to host a World Cup or CiboTap, with a host bid planned as early as CiboTap 2018, despite Vyktory failing to win over Calbion to win the hosting rights for CiboTap 2016.

CJ Miller of Safiria was tasked with creating the VFA’s new logo as well as a new logo for the Vyktoryan Football League, which will have it’s meaning expanded to the entire pyramid and to properly vectorize the Vyktoryan Flag. The new logos have also been created in vector format. The total cost of the task, along with a new election spreadsheet system and a new logo for Vyktory Dragons was US$20, which was given as an Amazon Gift Card.

The logos, with the Football Association logo on the left and the Football League logo on the right.

The response to the logos has been warm, with His Royal Majesty James I being quoted as saying “These logos are awesome!” and complements having been received from Senyan leader Barnaby Hands and FMF President and MCS Administrator-General Adam “Craitman” Perryman.

This is only the first step in the VFA’s rebranding strategy, with the League Expansion set to undergo serious planning once the season is over, in preparation for a start in November, once the simulation engine to be used for the VFL (Football Manager 2017) is released and the VFA database is ported over and edited with the new info.

Only time will tell whether this increases the level of play and quality of football in Vyktory, however, the nation is going from strength to strength with Qualification a very high probability. A win in the CiboTap Qualifiers against Steeria and Highfield, a weaker team by some distance, will put Vyktory through to automatically qualify for the tournament in Calbion.


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