A new newspaper rises from the ashes

After the demise of the Vyktory Free Press in December of 2015, Vyktory has been without a reliable news source. Part of this was caused by procrastination and laziness of the account of the VFP’s owner, His Royal Majesty the King James I, but also due to apathy from not only Vyktory’s populace, but also the populace of other nations associated with the world of Micras. After our quiet exit from MicroWiki, Micras has been the only port of call for the Vyktoryans, yet our association with most nations is sorely lacking, mainly due to a lack three things. Information, news and above all, roleplay.

While Vyktory has recruited former president of Vertigo Roi Gerszkoviez to lead the city of Harrisville while also recruiting CJ Miller of Safirian fame to help out with roleplaying, there has been a complete lack of such roleplaying. Indeed, the only posting on the Vyktoryan forums as of late seems to be the Vyktoryan Football League, which has also drifted from being a weekly fixture to being mass simulated with lags of up to a month in results announcements.

Alas, this leaves Vyktory in a position envied by no-one and reviled by its citizens, especially His Royal Majesty, who is also the owner of this new newspaper and the author of this article. As you may have seen, The Vyktoryan Times was founded today, and indeed I only set up the website at 1AM in my local timezone. This newspaper is what I hope will resurrect the Vyktoryan golden age of late 2014 to early 2015, except only this time with a different community.

I have many choice words for MicroWiki, many of them lambasting the puerile idea of secessionist micronationalism, but I shall not speak of them, as my level of interest in Microwiki is for once, literally zero. And indeed, that is a correct usage of the term “liiterally”, something which may elicit a sigh of relief in people who fear the English language is slowly dying. But that is all beside the point.

The point is, the foundation of the Vyktoryan Times is hoped to usher in a new era of Vyktory, to create more information, to break the latest news and to elicit roleplay from the populace, perhaps even grow it. If we ever achieve those goals, the Times will have been successful and will continue to be until life deems it unnecessary.


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